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What are Audience Insights Reports?

Audience Insight Reports will enable you to make informed decisions when selecting which influencers you want to partner with. These Reports are designed to offer a deep analysis of each influencer’s audience demographics.

In this video, our Co-Founder, Austin, shares details of our Audience Insights Reports, which are power tools to ensure the talent you select is aligned with your brand and your campaign parameters. 



Importance of Audience Insight Reports

Selecting the right influencer is one of the biggest challenges in influencer marketing, and the more data you have to support your decision, the better. That's where audience insight reports come in.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Audience insight reports break down an influencer's audience, providing you with detailed information that helps you make informed, data-driven decisions about who to work with. These reports go beyond just basic metrics, offering in-depth insights into the influencer's followers and engagement.

Key Components of Audience Insight Reports

  1. Engagement Metrics:

    • Importance: Understanding the influencer’s average likes, followers, and engagement rate is crucial for assessing their effectiveness. High engagement rates typically indicate that the influencer's audience is active and interested in their content, which can translate to higher engagement for your campaign.
  2. Past Brand Collaborations:

    • Importance: Reviewing the brands an influencer has previously collaborated with helps you determine whether their past partnerships align with your brand's values and image. This alignment can enhance the authenticity of their promotion for your product, making it more believable and effective.
  3. Audience Demographics:

    • Importance: Gaining insights into the gender split, ethnicity, and location of the influencer’s audience ensures your campaign reaches the right demographic. Knowing who the audience is allows you to tailor your messaging and product placement to resonate more effectively with potential customers.
  4. Audience Interests:

    • Importance: Understanding the interests and behaviors of the influencer's followers helps you tailor your campaign content to resonate with the audience. If you know what the audience cares about, you can create content that appeals directly to their preferences and lifestyles, increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversion.
  5. Credibility and Notable Followers:

    • Importance: Assessing the credibility of the influencer's audience and identifying any notable followers adds an extra layer of validation and potential reach. If the influencer is followed by other reputable influencers or industry leaders, it enhances their trustworthiness and can amplify your campaign's impact.
  6. Chat Functionality:

    • Importance: The ability to communicate directly with influencers allows you to discuss your campaign in detail and get a better sense of their fit. This interaction can help you gauge their enthusiasm, understand their approach, and clarify any questions, ensuring a smoother collaboration process.

Enhancing Your Recruitment Strategy

By utilizing audience insight reports, you can:

  • Make informed decisions: Use data to select the best influencers who align with your campaign goals.
  • Optimize campaigns: Adjust your strategy based on detailed audience insights to maximize engagement and ROI.
  • Leverage AI: Our system uses your selection and partnership history to refine and improve the recruitment process, ensuring you get better matches over time.


Audience insight reports are a powerful tool in influencer marketing, providing you with the necessary data to select the right partners for your campaigns. By understanding who you are communicating to through each influencer, you can tailor your campaigns more effectively and achieve better results.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, our support team is here to help. Happy campaigning!